Byrnes Dance Image – Various Venues

Venues for Classes (register now!) and Private Lessons (by appointment only):

MONDAY – 1 Graf Ave, West Ryde and Seven Hills Community Youth Club, Best Rd & MacKenzie Blvd, Seven Hills – Classes for All Ages: 7-8pm Beginner DanceSport 8-9pm Int-Adv DanceSport

TUESDAY – 1 Graf Ave, West Ryde

WEDNESDAY – Seven Hills Community Sports Club, Best Rd & MacKenzie Blvd, Seven Hills

THURSDAY – Winston Hills Community Centre, Winston Hills Mall, Caroline Chisholm Dr, Winston Hills – Classes Available:

5-6pm Kids and Teens DanceSport

6-6:30pm Style Specific Technique

FRIDAY – 42 Aurelia St, Toongabbie

SATURDAY – 1 Graf Ave, West Ryde

SUNDAY – Dooley’s Catholic Club, John St, Lidcombe – Checkout some of the Paparazzi Class videos edited by Peter Barker:

2024 Samba Routine

2024 Rumba Routine

2023 Cha Cha Routine

2023 Quickstep Routine

2023 Jive Routine

2023 Samba Routine

2023 Waltz Routine

2023 Rumba Routine

2022 Tango Routine

2022 Paso Doble Routine

2022 Quickstep Routine

2022 Jive Class Routine

2022 Foxtrot Class Routine

2022 Waltz Class Routine

2022 Cha Cha Class Routine

2021 Quickstep Class Routine

2021 Cha Cha Class Routine

Waltz | Neale & Nicole Byrnes

N&N Paso Doble Dooley’s Class

N&N Jive Dooley’s Class

N&N Cha Cha Dooley’s Class

N&N Tango Dooley’s Class

N&N Rumba Dooley’s Class

N&N Viennese Waltz Dooley’s Class

N&N Quickstep Dooley’s Class

Telephone: Neale 0412.683.553 or Nicole 0423.803.243 E-mail: Enquiries Form

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