Ballroom Dancing Private & Semi Private Lessons

What to Wear
Clothes according to style

What to Expect

Ballroom Dancesport private tuition is a one on one (one teacher to one individual or couple) designed to suit your requests and skills. This is the best way to develop Ballroom and Latin Dancesport skills at a faster pace than through classes. Technique is developed and routines are specifically designed to suit the needs of the client in the style requested. All competitive Dancesport couples follow a private lesson or at least semi-private lesson (one teacher to 2-6 couples) regime and there could be anywhere between one and three private lessons on the floor at one time. Here dancers will also learn how to practice so they can follow-up after their lessons and put everything into muscle memory.


Private Lesson Fees – $100 per 45 min session, payable upon completion of the lesson in cash (no eftpos facility) or if paying by direct deposit, payment must be in advance.




Neale Byrnes & Nicole Byrnes

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