Fees & Terms

  • Enrolments are required for ALL classes to ensure feesibility of a class.
  • All fees include GST. All Term fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Payment available by direct deposit, online (Ezidebit), or cash. Eftpos NOT available.
  • Class payments must be made in advance (either by enrolling and paying online or requesting an invoice  – this must be done for multiple classes). An additional $5 will be charged for the Ezidebit service if paying online.
  • Pay As You Go is available for Children’s classes and Private Lessons.
  • Discounts are applicable to Children’s class fees only when they are enrolled in Multiple classes. These discounts are only applicable to advance term payment and is a one-off fee, regardless of the number of weeks in the term or if a class is missed.
  • Make-up classes are offerred if the studio has to cancel a class due to unexpected circumstances. On these occasions, we will do our utmost to accommodate as many students as possible.
  • Composite classes are 60 minutes duration. Technique classes are 30 minutes duration. Private lessons are 45 minutes duration.
  • 24 hr cancellation notification is required for private lessons, or else the full fee is incurred.
  • Private Tuition, Bridal Waltz Lessons and Group bookings available by appointment.

2020 FEES

Children and Teens (under 16) Term Fee $100 per term Pay As You Go Fee $10 Private Lesson Fee $90 for 45 mins ($60 for 30 mins per couple or single)

Bridal Waltz

Six bridal lessons$540
Four bridal lessons$360
One bridal lesson$95

Private Tuition

Per Couple or Single 45 min Session $90

Group (up to 4) Tuition

Shared Fee Per Group Per 45 min Session $110

ZOOM Online Only Classes During COVID19 Restrictions

Kids and Teens Term Fee $100 per 30 min class per term

Private Lesson Fee $60 for 30 mins per couple or single



2020 Term Dates

Term 1: Thurs 30th Jan – Thurs 9th April (Thurs class 11 wks/Fri class 10 wks)

School Holiday Class: Thurs 16th April 9.30am to 12.30pm Seven Hills Youth Club Hall

Term 2: Thurs 30th April – Fri 3rd July (10 weeks)

School Holiday Class: Thurs 9th July 9.30am to 12.30pm Seven Hills Youth Club Hall

Term 3: Thurs 23rd July – Fri 25th Sept (10 weeks)

School Holiday Class: Thurs 1st Oct 9.30am to 12.30pm Seven Hills Youth Club Hall

Term 4: Thurs 16th Oct – Friday 11th December (9 weeks – Final Assessment on Wed 9/12)

24 hr cancellation notification required for private lessons, or else full fee is incurred.

All Term fees are non-refundable.

Please read Release and Waver of Liability below:

***Release and Waiver of Liability***

I understand that dancing of all kinds is an activity that is inherently risky and dangerous.

I therefore accept that Byrnes Dance Image, whilst providing a positive and as safe a learning environment as possible, accepts no responsibility for any injury of any kind. I waive all legal rights of action against BDI, it’s owners, instructors and Directors for loss or injury arising out of participation in the classes or events held at BDI.

I agree that participation in any activity organised or conducted by BDI is allowed on the understanding that I do so at my own risk.

With respect to any past or present injury or illness and/or pregnancy, it is recommended that participants seek appropriate advice from their physician. 

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