Upcoming events for BDI dancers

10391045_846401662138025_4582310276081429238_nIn Terms 1+2, Byrnes Dance Image competitors competed at the Art Sport by Ray Rose Champions of the Future and remain the undefeated Progressive Team Champions! In Term 3, Byrnes Dance Image competitors will be supporting and attending the following upcoming events: 

  • ANDA Winter Festival on Sun 7th August 2016
  • WDC-AL Luna Park Championships on Sat 20th August 2016
  • ArtSport by Ray Rose Champions of the Future on Sun 18th September 2016
  • South Coast Ballroom Spectacular on Sun 25th September 2016

If you wish to participate or spectate, please make sure you get your entries in or contact Neale or Nicole to do so for you.

Good luck to everyone!

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