Closure of dance classes from 23 March 2020

Dear Dancers/Parents of Dancers,
Please be advised that, due to the Government’s decision to lockdown all indoor sporting facilities and non-essential gatherings, Byrnes Dance Image is required to close down until the COVID-19 crisis diminishes.
We were very pleased that we implemented solo training and as much social distancing as was practical in classes and lessons to date but we now, as of 23 March 2020, reluctantly have no choice now but to close. 
We are open to doing FaceTime lessons or even setting up some restricted syllabus classes on Zoom (we need to learn more about this first though!!!) – please let us know if you are interested in either.
Some examples of our advanced routines are currently accessible via the vimeo links below.
In the meantime, please everyone pay heed to the necessary measures to reduce the spread of this virus and we hope to see you all soon! 
Kind Regards,
Neale & Nicole Byrnes

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