Pole Dancing Classes

What to Wear

Short fitted shorts, crop top or t-shirt (do not moisturize before this class)

Dry Hands (Grip formula) is now available for purchase from Byrnes Dance Image Pole Teachers for $20.

What to Expect

Pole dancing has many forms such as exotic, empowering and the element of fitness. The instructor at Dance Image specialises in all of the above. Classes are taught on rotating pussycat poles, and begin with a warm-up, then some moves will be explained and these will then be incorporated into a routine. During the routine section you will learn and develop moves specific to your level and style. At the completion of each term, a performance night allows students to perform their new moves in front of family and friends. Currently these classes are for Ladies Only.

Progression is from Beginner to Advanced as detailed in the Levels below. Open classes such as CONDITIONING AND HANDSTAND (to develop core and arm strength and conditioning as well as flexibility) is available and are encouraged for ALL LEVELS. Multi class fees are detailed on the Timetable page. Free Practise Sessions are available to anyone who is enrolled for the term but must be booked via our BDI Pole Dance Group Facebook Page. Please read the suggested Pre-Requisites and Waiver below.

Levels & Pre-Requisites

In order to prevent injury as well as keep you on track during the term, some pre-requisites have been established. These are only recommendations to provide you with an idea of what is expected at commencement of each level. Do not be shy to repeat a level. It will only make you stronger and encourage you to perfect the moves you have learned:

Beginner – if you’ve never completed a full term, this class is a pre-requisite to any of the Pole classes. You will learn some basic skills and choreography in this 10 week course. All you need is a “Can Do” attitude!

Int 1 – having completed Beginners, this class builds on the basic skills through more developed moves. You need to know the Pole Climb (static), Pole Sit, and Sword Spin.

Int 2 – having completed Int 1, you should be confident with Invert (from Floor)Spinning Climb, Open Jamilla and seated Swan/Angel on the pole and the all taught in Int 1. This class further advances the technique and skills, with more complicated choreography.

Int 3 – having completed Int 2, you should be able to perform the Ankle Lock, Layback, Superman (from Ankle Lock) and the Outside Leg Hang (from floor) taught in Int 2. This class builds and further advances the technique and skills, with more complicated choreography.

Int 4 – having completed Int 3, you should be confident in doing the Invert Both Sides (from floor).

Advancement into the next level varies. Typically these classes develop over several terms but to enrol in these levels, you should be able to do the following:

Pre-Advanced 1 – Outside Leg Hang to Pike to inside Leg Hang, Outside Leg Hang to Starfish, Layback then Pull Back Up.

Pre-Advanced 2 – Aerial Invert, Butterfly (not extended) from Jamilla and Ouside Leg Hang, Half Split (with hand on pole), Ballerina from floor Backward Spin

Pre-Advanced 3 –  This is the top level and is recommended for keen Pole Dancers, especially those wanting to get involved in competition! To enrol in this level, you should be able to do the Aerial Invert (both sides), Shoulder Mount, Extended Butterfly, Caterpillar, Hollydrop, Awkward Handstand and Allegra.

Teachers – Tina X, Tida, Isis pictured below

Places you can purchase poles so you can practise at home:




Check Out a “How To” Video from a former BDI instructor

Release and Waiver of Liability

I understand that dancing of all kinds and especially Pole Dancing is an activity that is inherently risky and dangerous.

I therefore accept that Byrnes Dance Image, whilst providing a positive and as safe a learning environment as possible, accepts no responsibility for any injury of any kind. I waive all legal rights of action against BDI, it’s owners, instructors and Directors for loss or injury arising out of participation in the classes or events held at BDI.

I agree that participation in any activity organised or conducted by BDI is allowed on the understanding that I do so at my own risk.

With respect to any past or present injury or illness and/or pregnancy, it is recommended that participants seek appropriate advice from their physician. Participation if pregnant is not recommended.

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